Our Growth Strategy

While Consumer Electronics (CE) market grew 13% per year between 2010 and 2013, TSS chains grew 36% per year. In the same period, Bimeks outpaced both the CE market and its TSS peers with a growth of 39% per year.

There are 4 main drivers carrying the growth strategy of Bimeks:

  1. Increasing the number of big-box stores (Teknoport) and widening the product range offered with new categories,
  2. Increasing online sales by focusing on Bimeks' omni-channel business model: establishing each store as a fulfillment center for online sales and striving for same-day delivery from all stores,
  3. Increasing geographical access/penetration with Store-based Partnership model (SbP), a unique and ingenious franchising model developed by Bimeks,
  4. Developing in-house ERP and logistics software systems facilitating optimization of business processes and integration of the store network with online retail on a single omni-channel backbone.

  • Growth by acquisitions
  • Robust and sustainable position in Omni-channel: Online retail fully integrated with the stores
  • Bimeks Store based Partnership (BiMİO) – a unique franchise model
  • What are the factors that make Bimeks' business model efficient and sustainable?
  • Our expertises and market advantages